Sep 15 2014

It’s still 7th, which is a tumultuous year anyway, but this year is just out of freaking control.  It’s really the perfect storm of issues.  We had veteran teachers (15 years plus) explain to us that this is the worst group of kids they have ever had.  (Each year of kids has it’s own personality, quirks, general strengths/weaknesses, etc..) So I know it’s going to be just a rough year, but today was particularly difficult to see beyond this year.

I’ve already come home and cried more about these kids than I have all of the other 5 years combined.

Sep 15 2014

Are you okay?


This has just been the absolute worst year of teaching ever, and I’ve technically been in the classroom for 6 years now.  Add to that an unsupportive admin who decided that they think their teachers are expendable, and it’s just been an awful year.  I was warned that this group of kids was going to do this to me, but I was not prepared.

It’s so bad that if I hadn’t already been a successful teacher for several years, I would assume that the teaching field was not for me.  

Sep 14 2014

This was SO needed.

A lazy day with my family.

Hubby watching a football game with Biscuit on his lap.  Me browsing the web with Charlie napping on the couch next to me.  Abbey lazily asking for ball throws from me while I browse.

It has been MONTHS since I’ve been able to have a day like this.  

Sep 14 2014

Utah teacher shoots herself in the leg at elementary school



About a week ago, an Idaho professor shot himself in the foot when his gun accidentally discharged during class. Now, an elementary school teacher has shot herself in the leg while using the restroom:

The 6th-grade teacher, Michelle Ferguson-Montgomery, was in a faculty restroom at Westbrook Elementary School (3451 W. 6200 South) on Thursday morning when her handgun went off, said Ben Horsley, spokesman of Granite School District….

Classes proceeded fairly normally, Horsley said, but a handful of parents pulled their children out of school, following the incident, Horsley added.

The teacher — a concealed carry permit holder — was allowed to have the weapon on campus per state law, Horsley said.

Utah is among the few states that allow people with concealed weapon permits to carry guns in public schools, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Is it a good idea to let teachers bring their guns to school? The NRA thinks so and, after Sandy Hook, a bunch of people agreed. But we can probably agree that the armed teachers ought to be careful with the loaded weapons they’re carrying near our children day in and day out. And we should probably make sure the administration at least knows who has a gun at school.

Or not:

Utah teachers are allowed to carry guns, but the weapons must be completely concealed and kept with the teacher at all times, including inside a bathroom stall, according to the state office of education. However, teachers are not required to tell the school that they have a gun.

"This would clearly violate the intent and the strategic advantage of the ‘concealed’ weapon," the district’s statement reads. "If a permit holder had disclosed to faculty or staff that they were carrying a weapon, this could make them a target in an active shooter situation."

Better to find out who’s got a gun when they accidentally shoot themselves at school.

HT: Michael Jerris.

New levels of stupid are happening right now.

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Sep 13 2014



i made this for myself (asked help from facebook friends) but i think maybe it will help someone else too 

omg i needed this right this fucking second jesus thank you

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Sep 13 2014



it infuriates me when people tell me “lifes too short to not forgive people!” like NO lifes too short for me to continually allow abusive and manipulative behavior in my life and live in a constant state of anxiety bc I want to be “nice” or whatever

There’s such a big difference between moving past what someone did to you, and forgiving someone for it. I’ve never understood why people think the latter is necessary in order to do the former.

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