Mar 28 2011

Ask an Ex-Mormon Monday

I received some fabulous questions, so don’t be worried if I didn’t pick yours for this week’s installment of Ask an Ex-Mo Monday; your question is on the queue!

This week’s question comes from: roadrich.

The answer is a bit more complicated than a strict yes or no.  So I’m going to take each claim as it comes through in the video.  This is going to have to be a two-week answer, because there are a lot of claims in the video and I don’t want to overload anyone with the stupidity of the beliefs.

Claim #1: Mormons believe that there are numerous planets ruled by countless gods who were once human like us.  God had a goddess mother and a god father.  He went through human life like we are going through now.

True or False: True.  Mormons believe that our God went through the same earthly process that we are now going through and that we will be able to become gods and goddesses if we live righteously.  Mormons believe that god was born the same way that we were supposedly born in the pre-life existence; we were all supposed spirit children. 

Claim #2: God, our God, had many goddess wives.  God lives on a mysterious star near Kolob.  God and his many wives have a lot of celestial sex and have a lot of spirit children.

True or False: True, but a bit obscured.  These Mormon tenants are obviously a bit strange, so they don’t really teach them openly.  A lot of Mormons believe that it’s not important for them to know the answers as to why polygamy is required at the highest level of heaven, but it is taught that it is required.  It is also true that they believe that all human beings were created through sex between God and one of his goddesses.

Claim #3: There was a great counsel held to decide how Earth should be run.  Jesus and Satan, God’s eldest sons had two different plans.  (Jesus and Satan were siblings.)  Jesus wanted us to have free will and Satan wanted to make it so that we would all return.  Jesus won the popular vote with 2/3 of the counsel agreeing with him.  Satan convinced 1/3 of spirit children to revolt and follow his plan.

True or False: All true.  Mormons are taught that this at a young age as part of the “Plan of Salvation.”  Mormons also believe that there was a great war between the 2/3 that believed Jesus and the 1/3 that believe Satan.  Anyone who has ever and will ever existed followed Jesus.  Satan became the devil as the result of the interaction, and the 1/3 of followers became his demons.  Mormons strongly believe that having a body is a necessary part of our eternal progression, so the 1/3 was denied bodies and will forever remain cursed.

Claim #4: Those who remained neutral in the war in heaven were cursed to be born with black skin.

True or False:  False.  Mormons have other equally racist ideas on why some have black skin.

Claim #5: Those who were the most valiant in the war in heaven would be born into faithful Mormon families.

True or False: True.  Somehow, being a good fighter in heaven means that we were going to be born into “good” Mormon families.

Claim #6: Elohim and one of his earliest goddess wives came to Earth as Adam and Eve.

True or False: Conflicting accounts.  The second prophet of the Mormon church did teach that Adam was God and Eve was one of his wives, but it is often discounted today.  You’ll find that old beliefs that seem particularly crazy are now viewed as opinions, not prophecies.  It’s an easy excuse; “He (meaning the prophet) was speaking as a man and not as a prophet.”

Claim #7: God came to earth as a physical being to have sex with Mary in order to provide Jesus with a physical body.

True or False: Conflicting accounts.  Again, this is an old teaching of the beginning prophets, but it’s not widely accepted or taught.  The subject is often glossed over.

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